Geothermal Piles

Geothermal Piles represent a highly specialised ground source heat pump (GSHP) solution, not widely offered, using the substructure piles for a project as a medium for delivering the geo-exchange system.  As the piles for the structure are constructed, flexible geothermal loops are incorporated within the pile reinforcement cages. Upon completion of the foundation works, the sections of pipe-work embedded in the pile are plumbed into the ground source heat pump (GSHP) system in the same way as a standard borehole field.

With careful planning and determination of the correct solution, GSHP and geothermal ground coupled systems can be seamlessly and efficiently integrated into the ground-works and substructure phases of a project.

Piling and Open Large Website


It is important to remember that any closed loop Geo Exchange method can be implemented onto a site with other closed loop Geo-Exchanges such as boreholes, or in combination with an Open loop system as shown here.


Energy piles

This method of Ground Source Heating or Cooling is particularly efficient when deep rotary piles need to be installed, CFA piling rigs are limited to a depth of around 30m, however due to the way the CFA piles are installed, i.e. replacement the reinforcement cages and associated geothermal pipework needs to be plunged into wet concrete, hence limiting the depth of pipework to around 20m depending on ground conditions. 

In conjunction with our Foundation Partners, we can offer all types of geothermal piles, from small diameter CFA up to large diameter Rotary Bored piles in London. Our unique knowledge of the piling industry, combined with our in house Geotechnical and Structural Engineers enables us to provide a one-stop shop for all pre-tender advice and contracts.

Click here to view details of our Energy Pile installation at the Leadenhall Building in Central London.